A unique ASE tool to assist dealers maximise used car profit.

  • Highlights weaknesses in controls over certain aspects of the used stock
  • Identifies over-age vehicles, together with possible reasons
  • Calculates the true cost (including stocking cost) of holding over-age vehicles
  • Assists with planning inventory, both acquisition and disposal
  • Helps to determine the pricing and margin strategy for used vehicles
  • MiProfiler+ is user-friendly and compatible with all major DMS systems

At ASE we know that dealers often struggle to extract data on used car profitability, and profit opportunities are invariably missed. We're also aware that limited science is applied to the purchase of used cars, or the decision to retail or trade a part exchange.

That's why we've created our MiProfiler+ tool, providing dealers with the information required to maximise their used car profit. The MiProfiler+ can take downloads direct from a dealer's DMS (from specially written reports) and import them into a Cloud-based analytical tool that gives managers answers to their questions in real time.

MiProfiler+ in action

ASE were asked to install MiProfiler+ into a dealer who had a severe overage stock problem and very limited controls over their used vehicle purchases and sales process.

Following installation, the dealer was able to focus on the issues surrounding their used car stock, trading out of the overage problem without depleting their used car margins. After 60 days there was a £40,000 improvement in profitability for their used vehicle department.

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