Here's a selection of feedback we've received from our clients whilst working with them to deliver improved performance in a variety of projects across the motor industry; encompassing dealers and manufacturers throughout the world.

David Manchester
Former National Retailer Council Chairman
Peugeot UK

"I have always found you act with the utmost confidentiality, professionalism and a willingness to give dealers the tools to help themselves; this becomes obvious from the comments by dealers made after you have spoken to them.

"The clarity and concise nature of the composite information produced is easy to understand and meaningful and helpful for the profit improvement of the business."

Tony Boyd
Managing Director
Moorland Motors Ltd

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the ASE UVP product. The tool is used every day and is part of our Management Review process. It is very simple to use.

"Before UVP, as a standalone business Moorland wasted a lot of time searching for the information on our used car stock; with UVP this has boosted productivity and enabled us to actively manage the information."

Stephan Reeve
Manager, Sales, Network & Financing
Mazda Motor Europe

"ASE have supported Mazda with various dealer financial health support tools, advice, ideas and recommendations.

"Mazda has over 2,000 dealers within their European network and the financial health of these dealers is one of Mazda's key priorities. ASE's investment and ongoing support is considered key in Mazda's network financial health for existing and new dealer partners."

Colin Maddocks
Director Network Development & Financing
Mazda Motors Europe

"Thanks to the team at ASE for the fantastic way you continue to manage the relationship and business with Mazda and our dealer partners, especially around IBR's and Business Planning.

"ASE have been fast, open-minded, flexible and we have benefited from their presence in all markets throughout the time we have worked together and I would have no doubt about strongly recommending ASE to other auto industry professionals."

Robert Forrester
Chief Executive
Vertu Motors plc

"ASE are our preferred supplier for financial due diligence assignments for smaller-scale acquisitions. Their motor retail experience has proved invaluable in identifying issues of significance and ensuring that their work is conducted in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner. Their reports highlight areas of concern but also flag opportunities for improvements against industry benchmarks.

"They are invaluable as we evaluate future earnings from prospective new dealerships. I would strongly recommend engaging ASE for any financial due diligence work in the Motor Retail sector."

John Cook
Managing Director
Ryedale Garages

"The dealer assistance team initially came in to assist with temporary cover and I was so impressed by the value and quality of their work that I decided to cut costs and utilise their monthly management accounts service.

"They have enabled me to drive the business forward with accurate financials and KPI's."

Ivan Kekic
Dealer Development Manager
General Motors Serbia and Macedonia

"Trevor Jones visited both Serbia and Macedonia to hold a Profit Clinic first in Skopje on Tuesday and then yesterday in Belgrade. Trevor and his team put great effort in front of the dealers and gave very good examples and explanations how they can improve their business results.

"The meetings with Trevor went exceptionally well and for the first time I and a good number of dealers starting thinking in a different way."

Panu Ihamuotila

"We invited Trevor Jones, the leading expert in the Automotive Industry, to Finland to run his famous Profit Clinic. What a privilege to get him to share his insights of the Automotive Industry and how to boost profitability. Most valuable workshop for me to date. Thank you, Trevor."

Ian Price
Operations Director
Suzuki GB

"ASE are very professional and committed to the Motor Trade. They are the heart of our network's enhanced performance and profitability. We would recommend the use of their services."

Anders Larsson

"I attended in full length the used car workshop with Steve Hopewell on Friday and I must say this was an excellent session.

"The dealers attending were 100% satisfied and several want to run follow up sessions at their dealerships (we will set this up). Steve is 'benchmark' in this area and provided, with his long and deep experience, insights to our dealers that are extremely valuable."

John McGuire
Phoenix Car Co

"ASE can see through the numbers and give us the actual real life situations. They present a dozen ideas which are relevant that we can implement into the dealership, all of which bring real results!"

Lee Cooper
Manager, Sales, Network and Financing
Mazda Motor Europe

"ASE have supported Mazda with numerous 'Independent Business Reviews' in the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Romania, Poland and Russia. Each IBR has provided tangible, credible actions and recommendations for Mazda, the dealer and the other stakeholders to consider and implement.

"Mazda continue to be impressed with ASE's support, ideas and their flexibility and we look forward to many more years of ASE support improving our European network dealer financial health."

Harvey Robbins
Service Development Manager
Volkswagen UK

"Volkswagen has worked with ASE for over 5 years on a number of network wide audits to support the calculation of warranty labour rates. In recent years this audit has been combined with other Volkswagen Group manufacturers resulting in on-site audits of around 500 dealers being carried out effectively within a 3 month timescale.

"ASE have always planned the process very effectively and provides regular weekly progress updates flagging any issues on a timely basis. They also clearly place a lot of emphasis on a satisfactory review process to the extent that only 1 query was raised following the submission of results in 2011 for in excess of 250 retailers. They have also been pro-active in making suggestions for improving the overall warranty rate setting process."

P.J. McKay
Monorep Vauxhall Chevrolet

"Since appointing ASE as our auditors and tax advisors we have found their provision of tax services to be a refreshing change from our previous advisors.

"They have provided us with vital, trade-specific advice and this is always given speedily and accurately. We would heartily recommend them to anyone within the motor trade."

Bill Fullerton
Managing Director
Hutchings (Vauxhall)

"Hutchings made the decision two and a half years ago to work in partnership with ASE for the provision of the company's statutory financial information and to join forces with all the other motor dealers who were clients of ASE to share best practice but mainly 'good ideas' in extremely volatile and challenging economic conditions.

"The provision of our audit and legal obligations has been first class and carried out on time on each occasion and we feel that the forums for exchanging ideas and sharing best practice are very worthwhile - in fact we hosted one on our premises recently and the feedback from the dealers who attended has been great.

"The team we are working with have been tremendous team workers while in our business. I would heartily recommend the organization to any motor dealer looking for that bit extra from their financial and business partners."

Dealer Development Manager
Volume Brand, UK

"ASE were engaged to visit one of our supported sites to evaluate the accuracy of the accounting information (due to concerns over the quality of the composite submission). They found there were very few controls in place; the bank account was not being reconciled and no warranty credit notes had been entered on the system in the 9 months since the company started. We therefore asked them to initiate a full investigation.

"As part of their work they performed a complete bank reconciliation which highlighted fraudulent activity being hidden by the accountant (by moving transactions through the system)."

"Following the identification of the fraud, we asked ASE to implement a clean-up exercise of the balance sheet and to put in place the correct controls and processes required for accurate and timely management accounts."

Jonathan Bischoff
Managing Director
JCB Medway VW

"ASE has offered an excellent service level and I am particularly pleased that the staff have been proactive in looking at different ways to support and improve our profitability."

Nigel White
Finance Director
Trust Group UK (VW)

"Trust Group UK made the decision to move to ASE from a well regarded global accounting firm due to the firm's intimate and detailed knowledge of the motor retail industry. We have found that the tax advice from ASE has led to significant personal tax savings for senior members of our team, while the tax department also provided detailed and robust consultancy on our recently launched EMI Scheme to spread share ownership.

"We are now entering our second year of audit with ASE and the same knowledgeable members of the ASE team are saving our Finance function valuable time in repeated explanations of motor retail accounting. In short, we feel our decision to move our audit and tax requirement to ASE has been entirely vindicated."

Nigel Gray
Managing Director
Motorbodies Luton

"I can confidently say that ASE has met and in fact far exceeded our expectations. The audit is always a very painless exercise and the team is always helpful and well-informed.

"The senior management team has remained consistent throughout and at every level ASE displays a real interest in my business... I would have no hesitation in recommending them as an auditor to any other motor trade retailer."

Steve James
Company Accountant
Fords of Winsford

"A few years ago, we had an investigation relating to VAT. It all started off well until the inspector suddenly steered the company down a route which would have resulted in us facing a bill for approximately one million pounds.

"At this point we obviously needed some advice. With the guidance of Michelle we were able to quickly defend our position and put to rest the VAT investigation."