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ASE Global Partners Alliance Manchester Business School Programme

Article Date: 29 July 2019

Together they will research future of consultancy services in the global automotive sector

ASE Global, the automotive industry advisor, is to partner with the prestigious Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) Programme of MSc Business Analysis and Strategic Management.  Part of the University of Manchester AMBS runs its programme annually as an integral part of its MSc post graduate course to help high growth businesses identify new commercial opportunities and operational improvements.  The academic staff and post graduate students will be working with ASE Global to research innovative services and consultancy opportunities, which will enable global automotive manufacturers to meet the major disruptive challenges they are now facing.

Candidate enterprises submit project briefs outlining the areas of focus that they would like the AMBS team to research and following selection the chosen firms participate in a three-month project, starting in June 2019.  For ASE Global the students will complete a series of work streams including business modelling, market and competitor analysis, as well as conducting a qualitative research study among manufacturers’ National Sales Corporations and large dealership groups.  At the end of the project the students will present their findings to the company’s executive leadership team.

“We are delighted to have been selected for the Alliance Manchester Business School Programme this year,” said Robert Jones, CEO, ASE Global.  “We are a highly focused company looking to expand internationally and welcome the opportunity to consider different approaches to achieve our goals within the automotive sector.  The travails of the automotive industry have been well documented, but we have been able to sustain our growth even in these challenging times because we have been able to stay ahead of the trends in the industry.  As a trusted advisor to the automotive industry more than anyone else we know the value of different expert perspectives to bring fresh thinking into a business and we are looking forward to understanding more from AMBS around the many disruptive trends facing the global automotive sector.”

The AMBS programme invites companies from across the UK to participate.  The students have already worked with companies from a variety of sectors including Biotechnology, Finance, IT, Manufacturing and Retail.  Post graduates, who participate in the programme, carry out client-facing projects for organisations enabling them to put their international business knowledge and skills into practice.  Previous AMBS projects have included research into market opportunities to enter into the carbon credit market, as well as a performance-profitability relationship analysis on online detection and mapping technology.

This is second time ASE Global has joined the programme.  In 2018 AMBS analysed the company’s internal operational and communications infrastructure required to support its international expansion.  This year the objective is to gain further insights around its global expansion strategy by means of studying the competitive environment, ASE Global consultancy offerings and go-to-market strategies.  Similar to the company’s involvement last year the desire is to identify innovative approaches, which will deliver new value to clients and drive market share across ASE Global’s consultancy operations.

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