Corporate Social Responsibility

Committed to our employees and contributing positively to our local communities and the environment.

We have always been committed to creating a positive environment for our employees and contributing to the improvement of opportunities for our local communities. Through a combination of organised, structured programmes we help future generations to develop the skills they need for lifelong employability and encourage them to seek out careers in the automotive industry. We have also publicly pledged our support to improving diversity in the sector and give our employees the time to undertake charitable work in their local communities.

The environment
As part of our strategy to meet the needs of our clients and employees responsibly, we take the issue of the environment very seriously. Due to the nature of our business and the locations in which we operate, national and international travel can sometimes be essential. We are, however, taking steps to mitigate our impact by using alternative methods of technology such as webinars and online videoconferences. Most employees car share to and from client meetings. As a business we also:

  • Recycle paper, cardboard, plastic, toners and ink cartridges
  • Print double-sided where possible
  • Use bin sharing
  • Use sensored lighting
  • Use of own mugs provided by ASE to employees
  • Mitigate our carbon footprint
  • Use renewable energy suppliers
  • Work with environmentally friendly waste management companies

As a company, we believe in supporting our community and giving back to various charities. Over the years we have given time and money to a number of charities both local and national including volunteer programmes, sponsored events and project related activities.

Previous charities events
Over the years we have undertaken a number of charity initiatives, including:

  • National Trust volunteering
  • Christies Hospital Bob Graham Round
  • Macmillan
  • Pure Innovations Etherow volunteer and open day projects
  • Macmillan £40k for 40 years (over £50,000 raised).
  • This included a charity ball and number a number of other events, such as, rough runner, an abseil, a golf day, participation in The Great North Run, a triathlon, and taking part in the Great North Swim.