Automotive Business Management Services

 Automotive Business Management Services

We partner with the world’s leading automotive brands to maximise dealer network performance. We bring clarity to complex composite financial and operational data to create actionable improvement plans that drive business performance, mitigate risk and support business critical investment decisions.

Bringing clarity to complex financial data
ASE Global Business Management technology is a secure web enabled business intelligence platform. It extracts, processes, collates, and cleanses financial and statistical information from multiple dealership management systems. This allows a brand to quickly and accurately understand the impact of its policies on the network’s total and individual trading experiences.

Converting financial clarity into actionable outcomes
We have set the industry standard for benchmarking financial performance in the automotive industry to improve retailer profitability and prevent profit leakage. We are the only industry specialists who can help a brand determine the true impact of its strategic and operational decisions.

Business management customised for you
We are the automotive sector’s first and foremost global automotive business management company. We have absorbed the lessons of industry disruption and understand your business is unique. This is why we deliver a customised approach to interpreting your data, as this will give you an accurate view of your whole business performance.

Making Financial Performance Data Simple to Understand

We give our clients the clarity and reassurance they need to simplify how they understand their financial performance data. 

Dealer Education On Effective Financial Submissions

We ensure the data is sufficient and accurate to provide highly customised reporting of the dealers’ financial statement submissions for real-time identification of strengths and weaknesses. We conduct workshop training with brand field staff, or individual dealers to explain how to use our industry leading KPIs to spot risks and opportunities in your financial data.

Profitability Planning

We focus the Brands Retail Network Development team on increasing profitability and efficiencies, raising the awareness of a dealership at risk, and advising the National Franchise leadership team on not only “what to action” but most importantly, “how to action it” by extracting the more valuable data from dealerships, processing and analysing it to identify key insights.

Rapid Analysis And Interpretation Of Dynamic Changes

We can acquire and collate financial data from across your global organisation and dealer network to help you to extract meaning from the dynamic changes affecting the automotive industry. Our goal is to enable you to create an accurate picture of the trends and opportunities relevant to your business.

Dealer Protection BM

Harmonising data governance across your entire network is challenging especially when there are critical compliance issues around protection. With our deep understanding of automotive financial data and business performance reporting we understand how to collate and authenticate your data to ensure you have an accurate picture of your regulatory obligations.

Accurate Data Visualisation

We are able to collect data from a diverse range of dealer management and other systems; validating it to ensure the upmost data accuracy when it comes to visualising the information.We use the unique combination of our core systems combined with business intelligence tools from Microsoft and Tableau to create dashboards which both simplifies complex information and provides insights that were previously not available.

Bespoke Integrated Solutions

We do not believe business management can and should be addressed by off-the-shelf software. If you adopt a vanilla approach to measuring performance, you can only expect vanilla answers.

We align our software with your existing environment to ensure customised reporting. This enables you to manage the costs as well as the risks to your IT systems.

Expert Report Queries And Insightful Analysis

Using our unique approach to compiling data from across your network and comparing it to industry trends we are able to check, review and analyse your global financial data so that it is generating insightful, accurate business performance reports. This will help support and drive your key day to day operational decision making.

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